Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy was formed to honor and recognize graduates of the Academy who distinguished themselves and brought credit to the Academy through outstanding achievement in intercollegiate competition. These accomplishments, plus the significant efforts and guidance of coaches, faculty, alumni and others, will be immortalized in the Athletic Hall of Fame in order to establish a proud tradition which will inspire the Regiment of Midshipmen to achieve the mission of the USMMA.

There are three types of membership as follows:

Regular: Regular membership is reserved for graduates of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy fifteen or more years out of the Academy who distinguished themselves through outstanding achievement in intercollegiate athletics and, as graduates, continued to exemplify the character, courage, leadership and well-rounded ability that the Academy seeks to develop through its athletic program.

Honorary: Honorary membership is reserved for those individuals, graduates or non-graduates, who have dedicated significant time and efforts to the Academy's intercollegiate athletic program over a period of at least ten years. They may include, but are not limited to, instructors, coaches, Academy staff and officials, alumni, and others associated with cadet/midshipmen varsity athletics who have had a significant impact in developing the qualities which regular members of the Athletic Hall of Fame exemplify.

Special: Special membership is reserved for regular nominees whose qualifications and special circumstances are such that the Screening Committee and the Selection Committee feel that time limitations for induction should be waived. A majority vote of both Committees is necessary for this waiver.

- To nominate an individual to the Athletic Hall of Fame, please click here.

1990 Inductees
Louis J. Viau ’46*
Stanley D. Wheatley ’47
Frank E. Allen ’48
Robert N. Wiechard ’53
Ralph J. Ortolano ’54
George W. Munnich ’58
John Silva ’63
Graham M. Hall ’64*
Donald M. Adams ’71*
Joseph V. Rizzo ’73
Kurt V. Yost ’73
James W. Liebertz (Honorary)*
Giles C. Stedman (Special)*

1991 Inductees
John A. McCrane ’46
Chester R. Wojcicki ’47*
John T. Biezup ’51*
Carmine F. Ragucci ’55
Robert E. Rogaski ’61
Lloyd L. Smith ’65
Edward F. Hoffman ’69
Harvey B. Adams ’70
Jonathan Wright ’71
John M. Nunnenkamp ’74
Clem Stralka (Honorary)*

1992 Inductees
Mark U. McKie ’47*
Edward M. Michalski ’47*
John J. Gelke ’55
Alexander Wind ’57*
Robert T. Madden ’59
Robert K. Post ’66
Robert J. Lavinia ’70
Daniel A. Rogers ’75
Bill Omeltchenko (Honorary)

1993 Inductees
Arthur G. Kleinschmidt ’46*
Robert D. Klages ’52
Richard C. Keller ’67
Paul G. Brown ’77
Morgan I. Reeser ’84 (Special)
Charles A. “Joe” Prosser (Honorary)*

1994 Inductees
Arden V. Means ’45*
William W. Stein ’46*
Edward H. Russell ’57
Alexander Smigelski ’79
Arthur L. Zielinski (Honorary)*

1995 Inductees
Woodie B. Smith ’47*
Henriks J. Zeile ’60
John V. ReShore ’75
Arthur Mercante (Honorary)

1997 Inductees
Thomas J. Foley ’45
Thomas F. Cannon ’55
William H. Sargeant ’64
Stephen F. Schmidt ’64
Mark Delesdernier ’79
Kevin W. Popelka ’82
George Paterno (Honorary)*

1999 Inductees
Richard H. Gabey ’48
Dean Rasmussen ’65
Kenneth R. Nelson ’76
Thomas A. Lihan ’82
Dan Buckley (Honorary)*

2001 Inductees
Louis E. Shoneff ’45
William H. Guest ’52
Peter J. Rackett ’61 (Honorary)
Leslie M. (Custer) Grimm ’85
Robert C. McNamee ’85 

2003 Inductees
Robert Igoe ’47 (Honorary)
Donald J. Collar ’67
Dean R. Doe ’82
Stephen M. Midas ’85
John M. Renehan ’85
Paul E. Coan ’87

2005 Inductees

Jules A. Wagner ’45 (Honorary)
Paul L. Blowers ’49
Bruce Schwager ’55
Robert E. McNamara ’62
Thomas P. Tiefenthaler ’88
William S. Nixon ’89
Kevin T. D’Arcy ’90

2007 Inductees
John Bailey ’78
John Bruckner ’85
Robert Domini ’54*
Robert Kocis ’91
Harold Krebs ’91
Thomas Scanlan ’60
Charles Pravata (Honorary)
Harry Wright (Special) 

2009 Inductees
Richard McGuire ’49
John “Mike” Novak ’74
Lawrence Hadley ’84
Wes Stearns ’93
Anna (Maly) Stewart ’93
VADM Joseph Stewart (Honorary)

2011 Inductees
Lou Broccoli ’55
Don Cocozza ’70
Mike Connors ’81
Jeff Brennan ’95
Kevin Feighery ’95
Dom DeFilippi (Honorary)
George Edward “Skip” Prosser ’72*

2013 Inductees - Photos
Les Kempf ’67
Tyler Caruso ’70
Chris Fiore ’86
John Doherty ’89
Michelle May Porter ’95
Bill Hardesty ’98
Jim Hettenbach (Honorary)

2014 Inductee
Sue Petersen Lubow (Honorary)
- Photos

2015 Inductees
Rudy Enders ‘56
Mike Toop ‘77
Allen Lindsey ‘85
Larry Jordan ‘86
Dreu Beers ’95 

* Deceased