Giving to the Academy

The mission of the USMMA Alumni Association & Foundation (AAF) has not changed—we exist to support the Academy, the Regiment of Midshipmen, and the alumni. That is why the AAF continues to count on your generosity through your donations. The needs of the Academy and the midshipmen are still there and your support is more important than ever.

Last year USMMA alumni, parents and friends helped raise over $2.4 million in funds toward the Area of Greatest Need, which included over 20% alumni participation. Our goal in 2017 is raise $2.2 million in unrestricted funds and, again, have 20% participation from our alumni. Progress toward these goals will be tracked via our “Load the Ship” and “Crew the Ship” campaigns. Updates will be sent via Signal Flags emails, postings on our website and social media. These are not easy goals but they are achievable with your help. 

Additionally, the 5-Cents a Day campaign was created to encourage alumni to donate at least 5-Cents a Day by the number of days and years since graduation. Join the thousands of alumni who contribute each and every year and value their Kings Point education at least at 5-Cents a Day. With all your donations counting now toward your class gift, class recognition is made for those gifts donated during the four years between reunion years. The AAF has created class gift pages for each class to see their 2017 personal and class goals. Updates to the current totals will be made at least once a month.

We encourage all alumni to join us on the Flying Bridge, which is the AAF's top giving level. The logo depicts the view from the Flying Bridge of a vessel, the highest point on a ship’s superstructure giving an unobstructed view of the horizon. The logo symbolizes the AAF’s top donors who have a clear vision of the AAF’s mission and who provide the support to get us to where we want to go.

I thank all of you who have supported and continue to support the AAF’s mission. The financial support the AAF receives from our donors translates into gifts to the Academy. These gifts assist many entities on campus that do not get all the money they need from the government, particularly athletics, the Regimental Band, midshipmen clubs, the waterfront and the professional academic departments, just to name a few.

I am confident we will reach our goals through your continued generosity. I thank you on behalf of the Academy and the Regiment of Midshipmen.


Capt. James F. Tobin ‘77 - President
USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation, Inc.