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Seeking actual MERCHANT MARINERS for roles (ages 25-70, all ethnicities) in Sony film “MAERSK, ALABAMA” starring Tom Hanks (Director Paul Greengrass). WE ARE LOOKING FOR ACTUAL MERCHANT MARINERS/SEAMEN. Since we are actually shooting on a ship, we want real Merchant Mariners/Seamen (those who know how a ship operates and can provide Tom Hanks with real information). We’ll be auditioning people in NYC next week! Filming will be taking place from March until May in Morocco.

Please e-mail or call 212-330-9357, ASAP. Submit photos, a
description of your experience at sea, and place of residence. For out-of-state submissions, we’re happy
to accept video auditions.

Roles are as follows:

70; pleasant but useless – a fairly incompetent old time sailor; a bit of a drunk
6 lines

25; African-American; fit, college educated, a good guy; new to the ship
3 lines

Over 60; an old salt, overweight, a smoker, an old-hand on the ship
2 lines

40ish; 2nd mate; at first he is unconcerned about the pirate menace
5 lines

Over 60; like his buddy Del he is an old salt
1 line

Age open, can be younger 20’s – 30’s
2 lines

1 line