How do I register for Homecoming events?

For Alumni Homecoming events, you can register here. A registration form is also published in the Winter and Spring Issues of the Kings Pointer magazine.

Where do I register on campus and pick up my tickets and class package?
You can register for Homecoming at the Alumni Association and Foundation “Homecoming Center Tent” located in the Barney Square area. Your class reunion package may be available at the class table in the tent or at your class reunion location. You will not require tickets for alumni events; your name will be on the event list.

Where do I find a list of Homecoming events?
See the “Homecoming Schedule” on the left side of this website. A schedule of activities will also be published in the Winter and Spring Issues of the Kings Pointer magazine.

Do I have to be in an Anniversary Year Class to attend Homecoming?
All Alumni are welcome to attend Homecoming Weekend and can participate in all events except those specifically organized for class reunion years.

How do I know what my class is planning?
See the “Class Reunion Chairmen” on this website and contact your Reunion Chairman to insure that you are on the class email list.

How do I purchase football tickets?
Currently there is NO CHARGE to gain access to the football games.

Do I need to purchase a football ticket to participate in the reunion “March On?”

When is Homecoming 2017?
Homecoming 2017 is September 14-17,2017. 

Can I bring my power/sail-boat to the Academy on Homecoming Weekend?
There are a limited number of berths in Hague Basin for visiting alumni boats on Homecoming Weekend. For reservations contact the Director of Waterfront Activities at (516) 726-6041. Be prepared to provide the length, beam, draft and the electrical requirements of your boat. You must follow Academy regulations pertaining to visiting boats.

What is the “alcohol policy” during Homecoming Weekend?

Each Class must hire a licensed bartender for your event.  (beer and wine only) NO PERSONAL ALCOHOL MAY BE BROUGHT ONTO CAMPUS
The Academy Alcohol Policy prohibits the drinking or carrying of alcohol outside the tailgating area on McNulty Campus and other designated areas, including class reunion locations. Midshipmen are not permitted in the tailgating or class reunion locations without permission of the Commandant. These rules will be strictly enforced by the Academy Public Safety personnel.

Are RVs allowed on campus during Homecoming Weekend?
RVs are no longer permitted on campus during Homecoming Weekend.

Will I be able to park on campus for Homecoming? 

There is a limited amount of parking space on the Academy grounds in the parking lots and on Steamboat Road and Peabody Drive (behind Patten Clinic). If you do not arrive early on Friday or Saturday, you may be diverted by the Public Safety Department to the village streets and Steppingstone Park. There will be golf cart shuttles to assist you to and around the campus.

What are the accommodations for the handicapped?
There are several handicapped parking spots located throughout the Academy grounds available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are also handicapped restrooms in the more commonly accessed buildings (Zero Deck of Delano Hall, O’Hara Hall, Melville Hall and Tomb Field stands). There are wheelchair ramps accessing most public spaces. Wheelchairs are not available at the Academy; you will need to bring your own. Contact the Alumni Association and Foundation Office if you have any special requirements (516-773-5658).

What is the Homecoming tailgating policy?
Homecoming tailgating is only permitted on McNulty Campus from 1130 to 1900. Cars must be parked on the grass to leave the access road open for emergency vehicles. Check with your class reunion chairman to determine if your class has organized a tailgating gathering. Contact the Alumni Association and Foundation Office (516-773-5658) if you would like to set up a tailgating party at another location.

How can I nominate an alumnus/ae for a Homecoming Award?
You can nominate an alumnus/ae by clicking here to go to the “Homecoming Awards” page. Select and click on the award you wish to propose and fill out the template presented. Read the award criteria carefully to insure that you provide sufficient documentation to the Alumni Awards Committee.

Where can I purchase food on the Academy grounds during Homecoming Weekend?
The Academy “Seafarer” canteen is open Friday (0730-1530) and Saturday (0730-1400). During the football game on Saturday, a food concession is available under the main stands. The Alumni Association and Foundation will provide a BBQ on Friday (1700-1900), Lunch on Saturday (1130-1300) in the Barney Square Tent, and Brunch on Sunday in Delano Hall (1000-1230). Click here to make reservations for the Alumni Association and Foundation meal events.

Does the Academy have any activities for younger children?
On Saturday, the Regimental Band presents its renown “Beat Retreat’ musical presentation in O’Hara Hall (0930-1100).

Can I get a tour of my old room?
There will be individual and group tours available from the Homecoming Center Tent at Barney Square Saturday morning.  Be advised that the Barracks may have been renovated since you lived in them and your old room may no longer exist. You will also be able to tour many of the old and new facilities at the Academy utilizing golf cart transportation and midshipmen drivers.

What is the normal dress for Homecoming Weekend?
Most activities during Homecoming Weekend are casual in nature. Many classes will provide class hats, shirts and/or jackets to wear to “March On” other class events. The Awards Dinner on Thursday and the Athletic Dinner on Friday will require jacket and tie. Some classes will encourage a jacket (and tie) for their more formal reunion event (e.g. 50th Anniversary Reunion Dinner).