Start a Chapter

Start a Chapter

Our alumni chapters are vital to keeping the Kings Point connection strong and spirit high. That’s why we’ve made the process to start and charter a chapter quick and easy:
  1. Contact Marissa Bholan, Communications Director. Provide her with the zip codes that will cover the geographical area of your chapter.
  2. Locate 10 alumni who reside in your area.
  3. Create a petition that states you would like to get a chapter chartered in your area with the signatures of the 10 alumni (see Bylaws below).
  4. Send this document, along with the contact information for each of the 10 alumni, to Marissa Bholan.
Alumni Chapters Bylaws (Article XI, December 6, 2008)

Section 11.1
  Formation.  Any ten (10) or more Regular Members may form a local Alumni Chapter and receive a charter from the Board of Directors. The Board shall assign the local chapter to a specific region.

Section 11.2  Approval of Constitution & Bylaws.  The Constitution & Bylaws and amendments of such local chapters shall not be in conflict with the Constitution & Bylaws of the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation, and shall be approved by the Board.

Section 11.3  Name of Local Chapters.  The name of a local chapter shall include the name of the area it represents and in which it is located.

Section 11.4  Chapter Stationery.  All Chapter stationery shall conform to a standard approved by the Board. All correspondence, news releases, publicity, advertisements, notices, and the like shall clearly state that it is chapter correspondence. 

Section 11.6  Chapter Conduct.  No chapter shall engage in any activity detrimental to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation, or jeopardize the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation's Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) status. The chapter shall not speak on behalf of the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation.