Internship Program

Internship Providers: Internships can be posted on this website. Please click here and follow the instructions to post a job or internship. We encourage employers that seek midshipmen as interns to post availability on this site.

The Internship Program strives to place midshipmen into a Maritime or Transportation Industry management environment. The goal of the program is to increase the midshipman's understanding of management's role in any organization.

To meet this goal, the midshipman is required to investigate and demonstrate, in a written report, an understanding of the organization’s:

  • Company Background
  • Business Organization
  • Decision-making Procedures
  • Operating Procedures
  • Management Work Ethic

The Academy Sea Year Program is divided into two periods. During the second sea period a Midshipman is required to perform a two-week to six-week Internship assignment ashore to provide the Midshipman with opportunities to observe and participate in the management operations of a maritime, transportation, or engineering related organization. The midshipman makes his/her own decision regarding where to do the Internship and whether the assignment will be for two or six weeks. Depending upon a midshipman's field of specialty and interest, the midshipman may choose, for example, a shipping company, shipyard, ship chartering firm, Logistics Company, marine surveyor's office, towing company, port and terminal facility, military organization, or similar enterprise. For the Midshipman, the process of finding an Internship is consistent with the process of finding employment. Networking, cold calling, and resume writing are some of the skills exercised by the Midshipman researching and setting up his own Internship under the guidance of the Academy Training Representatives.

BENEFITS OF THE PROGRAM: Internships can bridge the gap between seagoing and shore side opportunities, allowing Midshipmen to observe their chosen organizations, assess their own strengths and interests while gaining valuable skills, obtaining real-world experience which can strengthen their resumes, and allowing the Midshipman to test their compatibility with their chosen career and company. Companies can use the program as an effective way to identify interested personnel who can assist with immediate needs as well as identify talent for future employment needs, to provide the opportunity to assess each person’s “fit” within their organization, and to assist in improving recruitment and retention results.

PAY OR COMPENSATION: Pay or compensation to the Midshipman for internship assignment is neither required nor prohibited. The objective is to ensure that the Midshipman gains maximum benefit from the opportunities available. Midshipmen participating in an Internship provide their own room and board, travel, and miscellaneous expenses. USMMA does not provide travel expenses to the midshipmen for internship.

MEDICAL COVERAGE: While assigned to an organization for the purpose of completing an internship, the midshipman is on Official Duty for Training and is covered for work related illness or injury by the Federal Employees Compensation Act.